Kitchen is one of my comfort zone especially when I’m sad and also when I’m super happy or should I just say, I love my kitchen and the recipes that I’m experimenting everyday. In you will experience a new taste and how to value all the food that’s surrounds you and all the alternatives that you can use to taste your food better.

Since we are living in a highly remote area we usually stocked up like huge amount of food and we organize are pantry nicely. Tips that can help you use all the food that you bought before it expires or get bad.


1.  Separate the meats and fish inside your freezer. proper organization of food in our fridge will help them keep taste good.

2. Make sure you always look inside your fridge and use the open  food first and check on the expirations of each ingredients before using it.

3. All dry ingredients and food should be sealed properly or close tightly so that it will last longer than what you expected.

4. Stock your new grocery at the back of where it belong so that you are getting older stock first.

5. Sometimes arranging all your food and ingredients per continent helps you if you want to try different food from different countries.

6. Labelling properly is one of the most important too inside the pantry.

7. Make yourself familiar with all the things that you have inside your fridge and inside the pantry by checking it once in a while.


Hope the tips can help you if you have any idea’s and other thoughts that might help others including me. Please leave your comment below.


Happy Eating 🙂


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