Eggless Soft and Chewy Yema Candy

36- 40 pcs of Yema candy 1 inch triangular shape


1 can (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed milk

1/2 tsp All Purpose Flour

1 tbsp Sugar

1/8 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/8 cup Peanut (optional)


Note: You can always add more peanuts on this recipe

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1.Roast the peanuts in a sauce pan.

2. Remove the peanuts and let it cool down before chopping or smashing them to smaller      size.

2. In a medium high heat on the same pan combine condensed milk, flour and sugar.

3. Keep stirring the yema until its yellowish color but not golden brown. Usually takes 5-10 mins of stirring depends on the pan you are using.

4. Add the smashed or chopped peanuts (you can also use walnuts, pecans or almonds to this but i prefer peanuts)

5. Turn off the heat and keep stirring for a minute or two to prevent the bottom of the yema to burn.

6. Add the Vanilla Extract

7. Let it cool down on the pan and while waiting cut up a wax paper 3×3 inches wide.

8. Let the yema get totally cooled before wrapping it on a wax paper.

9. Put it on the fridge or in jar on a cold room.This can last for 7 days. Enjoy your Yummy Yema!