Most of us really love desserts and sweets and most of us cannot resist cravings for it, believe it or not. Desserts or sweets that I usually bake or make on a regular basis are cupcakes, simple cake, doughnuts, cookies and candies. Hope with my simple recipes you will try this at home too.


What are the good and bad things that desserts or sweets can do to us?. This is one of the question that I usually ask to myself, I search and try to find what are the good and bad things that can sweets and desserts can do to you and to your body and that the following:


1. Depress and Stress Cure

Sweets, sugar and desserts usually helps people who’s stressed and depressed, but the cure behind eating sweets and sugar has no scientific explanation yet. Personally I will not over eat too much sweet when I’m depressed nor stressed because I don’t want to get fat or unhealthy.


1. Bad Health and Diseases

Eating too much sweets is really a bad bad idea it can cause a lot of diseases and problem to you and to your body like Diabetes, Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Cavities, Liver Failure, Pancreatic Cancer and many more.


Please eat sugar in moderation, know all the causes and effects that might do to your body. I did my own research on the internet and according to (AHA) American Heart Association you can only take the following amount of sugar per day:

Men: 9 teaspoons / 37.5 grams / 150 calories

Women: 6 teaspoons / 25 grams / 100 calories

According to other articles

Kids (age 1-3): 12 teaspoons / 50 grams / 200 calories

Kids (age 4-8): 21 teaspoons / 87.5 grams / 350 calories

Age (9-19): Boys: between 29 grams to 34 grams of sugar

Girls: between 23 grams to 25 grams of sugar

Some other says 3-4 teaspoons in a day for children aged 3-8. Then 5-8 teaspoons per day on their tween and teen ages.


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